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Register a new subdevice

Last updated on February 19, 2015 21:03

This method will initiate the registration (pairing) of a new subdevice to a radio master.




  • device_id - the ID of the relevant master device
  • device_type - the type of subdevice we want to register - see table below

Subdevice types

  • monitor - a monitor-only radio device
  • control - a monitor and control radio device
  • legacy - a legacy control-only device (plug-in)
  • light - a legacy control-only device (light switch)
  • socket - a legacy control-only device (wall socket)
  • relay - a legacy control-only device (wall mounted relay)
  • fourgang - a 4-way legacy multiplug device
  • ecalm - it is never necessary to register an ecalm subdevice manually as this is always part of a parent device


The server will respond with details of the master device that will perform the pairing.

  "id": 1,
  "label": "My Radio Master",