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Terms and Conditions

As with any device reliant on an internet connection, sending a command to the Mi|Home System is no guarantee that it will arrive. Accordingly the system should not be utilised in respect of any equipment where it is critical that the equipment responds to the command or where there are risks involved in the equipment not responding.

As such the System should only be utilised in respect of equipment which does not cause any risk of damage or injury if it is left on unattended while you are away from home.

In utilising this product you accept that neither the manufacturer or reseller will be liable in respect of any loss suffered by you due to usage of the system other than in accordance with these guidelines.

The System operation depends on access to a secure server. No server can be wholly protected from hacking. Accordingly, whilst the Manufacturer shall take reasonable steps to secure the servers should, notwithstanding this, the servers be hacked the Manufacturer shall not be liable for any loss of property, or theft of personal data as a result of any hacking of the servers.

The system includes a feature known as Geofencing which can be configured as an automatic resource capable of turning electronic products on or off or adjusting their function depending on the location of the telephone or other device utilised to operate the system (“The Device”). Geofencing depends on the Device being turned on and having a robust internet connection either via wi-fi, or a strong connection via 3G or 4G in the absence of the Device being switched on and such a connection existing Geofencing will not work. As such Geofencing should not be relied upon and neither the manufacturer nor the Reseller shall be liable in circumstances where reliance is placed on Geofencing.

The System also has functionality by which the System and the Device are linked to third party devices via a platform known as IFTTT. The software on IFTTT is public domain and is not created or licensed by either the Manufacturer or Reseller. As such, no warranty is given that the IFTTT platform or any software relating there to will function correctly and neither the Manufacturer or Reseller shall have any liability in respect of the failure or performance of the IFTTT Platform or any associated third party software. Further, the Manufacturer and Reseller shall not be liable for any damage to property resulting from any cause whatsoever and shall only be liable for death or injury caused by their negligence.

Should any of the above exclusions be found to be unenforceable under the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 or otherwise then this agreement is to be read as though the words found to be unenforceable were excluded and all other exclusions shall continue in full force and effect.