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If you are having any problems with your devices, please try each of the troubleshooing steps below.

  1. If your Gateway fails to connect initially and you see the light on the front displaying orange, please try power cycling the Gateway to see if it then will connect and display a predominantly green light.
  2. Please ensure that you do not plug your adapters into adjacent sockets in a wall socket or extension lead. There should be several metres distance between individual adapters.
  3. Any local source of radio noise may effect operation of the system. This may include poorly regulated fans or other devices running electric motors, noisy power supplies or other low quality electrical and electronic equipment including LED lights.
  4. If your attempt to pair an adapter and it fails please try again. Occasionally the signals between devices may be subject to noise or other outside interference which is common for radio systems of this nature.
  5. The range of communication between your Gateway and linked devices will be affected by anything in between that may obscure the signal such as furniture, walls, ceilings, windows, doors etc.
  6. The Gateway can be cleared of any knowledge of attached devices by pressing the button on the front of the housing for 10 seconds while the power is on. The Gateway will then need to be set up again from the Server or App.
  7. You can Reset the Gateway to clear any software upgrades. Using a paperclip, or similar, press the reset switch located in the small hole on the front of the housing and then switch the power supply to the Gateway on. Hold the switch down for at least 10 seconds. The light should then flash for a second on a successful reset. After this reset the Gateway should maintain its knowledge of connected devices and continue as before. If for any reason this does not happen you may need to un-pair the devices from the Gateway at the server or App and re-pair them.
  8. If you attempting to operate with a firewall, it may be blocking access to the internet. Please speak to your network controller to ensure the Gateway is given internet access.